How to Make Distilled Water for Batteries at Home Easily

Have you ever experienced taking great care of your vehicle batteries but still ended up with a short lifespan? You thought you have given it the best maintenance care possible. However, you may have forgotten this one important detail: to always use distilled water for you batteries. Now that you’re aware of it, you might wonder about how to make distilled water for batteries.

how to make distilled water for batteries at home easily

Not only that, you may also wonder about how to fill a battery with distilled water and how much water should be in a battery. All these queries will no longer exist after you read this- 

How to Make Distilled Water for Batteries

There are quite a number of ways to make distilled water for batteries. One of the simplest ways only requires you to have a shallow pot with a glass lid and a small cup. Fill the pot at least half-way with water and place the small cup at the center of the pot. Invert the lid and add water to the top.

This water will cool down the lid making condensation easier. The inverted lid will lead the condensed water to the center and drip to small cup at the center.

How to Fill a Battery with Distilled Water

How to make distilled water for batteries

Filling up a battery may seem to be an easy job. Then again, there are little things to remember that can make a huge difference on the performance and life span of your battery. Be sure to fully charge your batteries before adding water. It is important to note that before charging, the water level should be above the plates.

After ensuring this, be sure to wipe the lids or trough covers clean. Dust particles may fall inside and into the cells. Next, remove the lid and fill the batteries to the level indicated.

how to make distilled water for batteries

How Much Water Should be in a Battery?

Some batteries have level indicators on them, others don’t. This should not be much of a problem. The filler holes could serve as a guide when there are no levels on the batteries. Just fill the cells until it covers the plates as seen through the filler holes.

Always remember not fill the cells up to the cap. This will cause an overflow of acid from the battery and cause harm to its performance and longevity. Just take a good look at the plates and fill the cells until it reach the top of the plates.

Being able to independently take care of your batteries saves you time and money. On the other hand, it is still recommended to have your trolling motor batteries checked at reputable shops. This is to make sure if the care you have given to your batteries is enough. Doing this may also cause an early diagnosis of problems regarding you batteries and prevent further damages.

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