Battle Born Deep Cycle RV Battery 100 Ah (Analysis in 2022)

If you looking an accurate RV battery, then we can notify you that this is the best 100 AMP RV battery by the manufacturer named Battle Born Batteries. They are in the height of the technology of lithium ion.

The 100 Ah 12 Volts LiFePO4 is one of the best RV batteries they’ve ever made. Surely, this is a great RV battery among all. So, let’s know more about this awesome RV battery-

Key Features

Battle Born Deep Cycle RV Battery
  • LiFePO4 cell type;
  • 14.4-14.6 acceptable charging volts;
  • 3000-5000 cycle bttery;
  • Dimension: 12.75″x6.875″x9.0″;
  • 100 AMP continuous & 200 AMP surge output;
  • 29 lbs weight;
  • Built in BMS;
  • Maintenance free;
  • Non toxic battery;
  • Safety feature.

This is a safe battery. We usually say that, Safety First. Well, this battery has safety feature for you. Additionally, this is a non toxic type battery. So you can be worry free against any toxic harm to your body by the battery. On the other hand, the BMS feature keeps it safe against low or high voltage.

Features & Benefits

This battery can provide 100 AMP of continuous power output or 200 AMP surge output. This is a 3000-5000 cycle battery and it accepts 14.4-14.6 charging volts. This battery has approx 300000 AMP hours lifetime capacity.

This is a sleek battery of only 29 lbs weight. The dimension of the battery is 12.75″x6.875″x9.0″ so that this battery looks very compact. This battery is designed and assembled in USA and it has a free ground shipping qualifies. You can easily carry the battery to anywhere you need to. This battery also has safety feature against short circuit, high voltage, low voltage or reserve polarity.

The battery is renewable as well. This is a LiFePO4 cell type RV battery. On the other hand, this is sustainable green energy battery. The battery is lees in weight, safer, non toxic and lasts for more cycle. This battery is design to last to 3000 cycle’s depth of discharge of up to 100%. In this point, the battery still holds 75-80% energy of its energy capacity.

This battery is easy to use and maintenance free. This is also a modular battery. The BMS or built in Battery Management System protects the battery cells against low or high voltages.  You can use this battery up to 48V and unlimited parallel. Basically, this is the best RV battery.


  • 300000 AMP lifetime capacity;
  • 12 V lead acid replacement;
  • Great for unattended place;
  • Great for RV, boat or off-grid power system;
  • Can be used in 12, 24, 36 or volts power system;
  • Product dimension: 12.75″x6.875″x9.0″ (LxWxH).


  • No noticeable cons.


This battery is a 12 V, has 100 AMP continuous or 200 AMP surge output, has 3000-5000 cycle, it is LiFePO4 type battery, dimension is 12.75″x6.875″x9.0″ and 29 lbs in weight. It has built in BMS protection system. It also has safety features against bad conditions.


What Is the Group of the Battery?

This battery is similar to group 27.

Can the Battery Be Charged With 100w Solar Panel?

Yes, obviously. But you need the right solar charge controller to charge this battery.

Has It a Built in Battery Management System?

Answer: Yes, this battery does have.

Maintenance Tips

Your battle born deep cycle RV battery will provide you great power delivery and last for a longer period if you take proper care of your battery. The battery maintenance extends the battery life and keeps the performance. Here are some tips so that you can take proper care and continuously get the great service from your battle born battery-

  1. Charge your battery properly, charge it regularly.
  2. Clean the out surface when it gets too much dirt.
  3. Don’t charge your battery with over or under voltage.
  4. Don’t leave your battery in under cold or over heat.
  5. Don’t overcharge or overheat your battery.
  6. Charge as soon as possible after each use.
  7. Charge continuously; don’t charge whenever you want.
  8. Keep the tickle charge ongoing when you leave the battery idle.
  9. Always try to keep the battery fully charged. It helps the battery to live longer.

Final Words

There is no doubt that, this is the best Deep Cycle RV battery. This battery has too much features and ability that it can make your daily life easier. This battery is more capable to fit with any of your work than the other RV battery. You may own it without any confusion.

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